Reminder: Clocks go forward!

A wise man once said “late is the enemy of time. And time is the enemy of all.” These are words I bellow to students when they miss the first bell of school. I can’t abide lateness to the point where even my monthly cycle visits me earlier than expected.

This weekend we shall put the clocks forward by one hour, as is tradition, to symbolise the fact that there just aren’t enough hours in the day. I have got around this by playing a little trick on time: I put my clocks an hour back! Therefore when time visits me and tries to steal my hard-earned hour of a lie-in, the jokes on time! Take my hour, for I have another one up my sleeve.

Students and parents are therefore reminded to put their clocks back before they go to bed and hide all iPhones, tablets and laptops in a place where time can’t see them and cotton on to this brilliant ruse (under the bed etc.)



Time, last known picture 




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