About us

St Mary of the Immaculate Concoction is a private school in Leicestershire founded by Mary herself in 1980 BC.

An avid traveller, Mary found herself in Leicester whilst on her yearly holiday with her husband, Joseph. She was immediately taken with a country house on the outskirts of the city and resolved to turn it into a school that everyone could enjoy.

The building has gone through many changes of the years, but you can still find some of the original features, such as donkey bannister ends and star shaped mirrors.

Now the school boasts: a dining hall, two tennis courts, a  pool, a donkey paddock and a large green with ample space for picnics.

Our Principal, Clementine Hartley-Hall, is committed to continuing Mary’s vision of following bright lights, despite possible retina damage, and achieving excellence in all areas.

Our students have gone on to become doctors, lawyers, gynaecologists and wives to those who are.

Each application to the school is accepted on face-value, which is why we advise supplying a range of photos that are taken in natural light.